Some Nearby Public Lands
This is a small sampling of the parklands that originally drew me to Sonoma County.

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In the lower left is one of several lakes; in the distance is Mt. St. Helena This is about three miles into the park, at an elevation of roughly 1300 feet.
This photo is taken from the hills of Annadel State Park behind the house. Annadel consists of 5000+ acres of forests, lakes, etc.  This is one of the many redwood groves.
Looking west from the park and on across to the foothills in west Sonoma County.
The tree to the right is very old and huge!
Sugarloaf Ridge State Park is about 20 minutes away.  This shot is taken from a favorite dining spot.
Another favorite dining spot within Sugarloaf.  From here, you can head uphill and get commanding views of The Bay, City, bridges, and everything in between.
This was taken on a hot summer's afternoon ... but in here it's quite cool.
The view from another favorite dining spot, this looks south over western Sonoma County and beyond into Marin County.
Hiking out and up from the Armstrong grove affords excellent views to the south.  This park, together with the adjoining Austin Creek Rec Area is huge and diverse ... much of it remote.
Armstrong Redwoods State Preserve is about 40 minutes away.  This is within the main old-growth redwood grove.
The cool breeze was blowing the fog from right to left.
This road is a little over four miles and leads through a number of forests, meadows and, then, finally to a remote and rugged shoreline.
Pt. Reyes National Seashore is about 50 minutes to the southwest.  This photo is from the main road that leads from the visitors' center to the beach.  The park's terrain varies dramatically and includes rainforest, dense conifer forests, grassland, rugged coastline, and more.
This photo is from a Pt. Reyes ridgeline covered in old-growth Douglas Fir.  It overlooks the ocean in the distance but on this day the fog was rolling in.